Polyester conveyor belt
Polyester conveyor belt
Product introduction
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1.1Product Introduction

      Polyester conveyor belt is also called EP conveyor belt. Its tensile body is a canvas interwoven with warp polyester and weft nylon. Its performance is characterized by low elongation in the warp direction and excellent troughing performance in the weft direction, and good water resistance. The wet strength does not decrease, no mildew occurs, the initial modulus of polyester is high, and a lower safety factor can be used. It is suitable for conveying materials under high load and high speed conditions in medium and long distances. It is widely used in metallurgy, steel, building materials, energy, chemicals, machinery and equipment, ports, etc.

1.2 Advantages

      1.Smaller elongation

      The fabric design of the frame layer material and the dipping method make the fabric core layered conveyor belt have smaller elasticity and permanent elongation. This can reduce the tensioning stroke and reduce the number of joints. Calculate the elasticity and permanent elongation for a specific conveying system.

      2. High modulus, high slotting performance

      The use of high-strength polyester fiber in the warp direction and nylon fiber in the weft direction can provide the conveyor belt with a higher modulus and excellent groove forming performance.

      3. There are many options for the type and thickness of the cover glue.

1.3 Specification