Orange color trough bracket
Orange color trough bracket
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1.1Product Introduction

Trough roller brackets are classified by angle: Trough roller brackets are trough angles, as the name suggests. According to the angle, they can be divided into 35 degree trough brackets, 45 degree trough brackets, and 35 degree trough brackets. Calculated according to the material transportation angle, the greater the trough angle, the greater the conveying capacity of the belt conveyor. Therefore, when choosing the angle, you should customize it according to your own delivery volume.

The trough type bracket belongs to a kind of roller bracket. Using production technology to ensure product quality. The trough-shaped idler removes the contaminants on the belt, and the force is large on the slope belt, the resistance is small, and the effect is good. The double-section roller can reduce the heavy pressure point of the belt on the roller. The roller hollow device can make the belt fall off by itself. It does not stick to the suction roller, which can extend the life of the roller. The advantages and functions of the roller bracket are as follows:

1、The roller bracket has strong support, high flexibility, low friction and long life.

2、Roller bracket radial runout; flexibility; axial runout.

3、The five key points of the roller bracket are dustproof, waterproof, axial load bearing, impact resistance and service life.

4、The roller brackets are installed on both sides of the conveyor belt to prevent the conveyor belt from deviating. Effectively make the tape run smoothly and reliably.

5、The roller bracket has remarkable effect and simple structure, which can fully meet the needs of modern operation development.