Self-aligning roller bracket
Self-aligning roller bracket
Product introduction
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1.1Product Introduction

The self-aligning bracket can adjust the center of a larger cylinder diameter or aperture, which effectively improves the ability to correct belt deviation, reduces the damage to the edge of the belt, and increases the service life of the belt. The stop roller or vertical roller is mainly connected with the self-aligning bracket. A product used in the self-aligning roller is installed on both sides of the conveyor belt to prevent the conveyor belt from deviating. That is to say, when the tape deviation occurs, one of the vertical rollers is squeezed, the vertical roller rotates around the shaft on the rotating mechanism through the moving rod, the shaft drives the rod to rotate, and finally the rod pushes the entire roller group to rotate

Advantages and functions:

1、The self-aligning roller bracket has strong support, high flexibility, low friction and long life.                    

2、Radial runout of the self-aligning bracket; flexibility; axial runout.

3、The five key points of the self-aligning bracket are dustproof, waterproof, axial load bearing, impact resistance and service life.

4、It is installed on both sides of the conveyor belt to prevent deviation of the conveyor belt. Effectively make the tape run smoothly and reliably.

5、The adjusting effect is remarkable, and the structure is simple, which can fully meet the needs of modern operation development.