Export cage pulley
Export cage pulley
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1.1 Product Introduction

      The cage drum is a modification of the ordinary tail pulley to extend the service life of the conveyor belt in a special working environment.Compared with the ordinary tail pulley, its main advantage is that it avoids the secondary damage to the belt caused by the fine particles between the pulley and the conveyor belt, prolongs the service life of the conveyor, and makes the scope of application of the conveyor wider.


      1. Simple structure, with automatic centering function, which can effectively avoid belt deviation;

      2. It can automatically clean the materials adhered to the belt conveyor during use, save materials, prevent material waste, and greatly extend the service life of the belt conveyor;

      3. The use of this product can effectively avoid belt slippage during belt transmission;

      4. The stress concentration of the welded structure is avoided, and the quality is reliable.