The reason that affects the performance of the conveyor idler is the internal structure of the idler

      1. Poor coaxiality of bearing housing:

      The bearing seat used for the roller is a stamped part, and the joint with the tube is not processed, and the bearing seat is directly welded to the tube.

      2. The sealing effect is not good:

      Its waterproof effect is poor, and the production situation of the underground belt conveyor is dusty, and water is used to remove the dust. Therefore, the seal used for the roller must have better dustproof and waterproof effects. If water enters the roller, the bearing will be corroded, and the dust will damage the bearing, which will affect the service life of the roller.

      3. Poor coaxiality of the roller shaft:

      Because the cold drawn optical axis is produced due to the wear of the mold and other factors, the dimensional accuracy is unstable, and there is often the appearance of oversupport. In addition, it is easy to form twists and turns during transportation, which makes the coaxiality of the roller shaft poor. The two ends of the roller shaft are installed the gap between the bearings cannot be ensured, and then the rotation resistance of the idler roller increases, which affects the service life of the belt conveyor.