Three core factors of conveyor roller

      Most conveyor belts and conveyor rollers are exposed to water pollution, dust, and materials that will wear or corrode the roller tube. Therefore, conveyor belt manufacturers will introduce you to the use of rollers: ideal rollers Must have three core technologies at the same time:

      1. Labyrinth sealing technology that never pollutes;

      2. Roller manufacturing precision and good consistency technology;

      3. Anti-corrosion and wear-resistant technology of the roller tube.


      Water and dust entering the labyrinth seal is a physical principle that has not been discovered by people. As we all know, the gap of the labyrinth seal is large, and the sealing effect is not good, which is correct. However, it is a big misunderstanding that the labyrinth seal has a small gap and a large number of layers, and the sealing effect will be good. The second core technology is the manufacturing accuracy of the roller.

      In China, before 1995, the roller was produced with cast iron bearing housings, with stepped holes on both ends of the tube body, and interference press-fitting; after 1995, the stamping bearing seat was gradually improved, and small stepped holes were machined at both ends of the tube body. Carbon dioxide gas Protected welding production. Neither process can guarantee that the coaxiality of the bearing positions at both ends of each roller is less than or equal to 0.05mm. Not only the rotation resistance of the roller is large, but the life of the bearing is also greatly reduced. The third core technology is the anti-corrosion and wear resistance of the roller tube.

      In the iron and steel industry, the wear of coke, sintering, pellets, and steel slag is very serious. For the rollers of 4.5mm thick steel pipe, the shortest period of wear and tear is only a dozen days, and the average is about 6 months; in coal mines, According to the difference in sulfur content in the water, the most serious corrosion of steel pipe rollers is about 1mm per month, generally about 0.3mm. It is often seen in coal mines that bearings and other conveyor belt idler accessories are in good condition, and the worn and corroded idler tube body is "a mess and horrible."